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Reset the Minimum (Low) Setting - Dual Wok Burner

Resetting the minimum setting on Dual wok burner.
  1. Ensure the power to the hob is turned off.
  2. Remove all dials.
  3. Remove the screws adjacent to each burner.
  4. Remove one screw on the bottom of the chassis at the front of the cooktop (refer to the service manual for instructions on where this screw is located).
  5. Remove the top of the hob to gain access adjustment screw for the dual wok burner.
  6. Using the flathead screwdriver, adjust the dual wok burner (middle dial spindle). Turn the spindle to the minimum (low setting). Gently push the rubber gasket aside to access the screw located to the left of the base of the dial spindle.

To convert from Natural to LP Gas

  • Turn the screw 1/8 of a turn clockwise.

To convert LP to Natural Gas 

  • Turn the screw 1/8 of a turn counter-clockwise.
  1. Turn the spindle back to the 0 (Off) position. 
  2. Check regulation.
    • Replace the hob and screw in place; replace dials and burners. Turn on the power and gas.
    • Light the dual wok burner and check the flame height.
    • Check the regulation by quickly turning the down the flame from maximum to minimum. It must not go out.

If the minimum setting is incorrect, repeat steps 1-7 turning the screw incrementally and rechecking following step 8 above. 


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