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Using the Cooktop Burners



Cooking Guidelines

  • Never leave the cooktop unattended when in use. Boil over causes smoking and greasy spills that may ignite.
  • Take care when deep-frying: oil or fat can overheat very quickly, particularly on a high setting.
  • Using a lid will reduce cooking times through retaining the heat.
  • Minimise the amount of liquid to reduce cooking times.



Using CT Burners_Cookware Tick.PNG Using CT Burners_Cookware Cross#1.PNG Using CT Burners_Cookware Cross#2.PNG
  • Use saucepans with thick flat bases.
  • For best results we recommend using professional cookware.  If using regular cookware, be very careful if the pans have plastic handles, as these professional size burners can  flame up on the outside of the pan and melt or bubble the handles.
  • Do not let large saucepans or frying pans overlap the bench, as this can deflect heat onto your countertop and damage its surface.
  • Always make sure saucepans are stable by centring them over the burner.
  • Make sure the size of the pan matches the size of the burner. A small pot on a large burner is not efficient.




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