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Operating Instructions



Operation Guide

The warming drawer is designed to keep previously cooked foods at a safe, warm temperature, for extended periods of time, when operated correctly. It is not  designed to cook or reheat food. The warming drawer should be preheated according to the chart below prior to inserting the food to be warmed.  Food may be kept up to two hours in the warming drawer.  Failure to preheat could result in unsafe food temperatures, which could accelerate the formation of bacteria in the food being kept warm. The dial on the top right corner of the unit is the on/off and temperature control adjustment. When the dial is turned clockwise from the off position to the proof position, the unit will maintain a temperature of approximately 100°F.  By rotating the dial clockwise to the high position, the drawer will reach a temperature of approximately 250°F.

Operating Instructions Fig.12.PNG



To Use

Turn the thermostat dial to a temperature setting:

H–High M–Medium L– Low P–Proofing


  • If you will be using the tray, preheat it while preheating the warming drawer.
  • Preheat any empty serving dishes to be used, while preheating the drawer.
  • Add cooked, hot food in its cooking container or heat-safe container.
  • Aluminum foil may be used to cover food containers.


Caution-Icon.png Do not use plastic containers or plastic wrap. They can melt if in direct contact with the drawer or a hot utensil and if these items melt, they may adhere to the drawer and may be unremovable. Use only heat-safe dishes.


Preheat Time & Temperature Selector

Proofing.....Do not preheat

Low..............Preheat 10 min

Medium ....Preheat 15 min

High............Preheat 20 min





  • Always preheat on high, then turn the knob to the desired setting.
  • To keep several different foods hot together, set the temperature to the food needing the highest setting.  Place items needing highest setting on the bottom of the drawer and food needing less heat on the tray.


Proofing Yeast Dough

Place dough in a greased jelly roll or half sheet pan or oiled bowl, no taller than five inches in height.
Turn dough over to grease all areas of the dough, cover with a damp clean cloth. Place in the center of warming drawer and turn the control knob to proofing (P). Check at 45 minutes to one hour. Dough should double in size.
Shape dough, place in baking pan, and put in warming drawer for second rising, about 30 to 45 minutes; add extra time if needed.




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