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Using Your Warming Drawer


To Warm Your Crockery

1. Load your crockery carefully into the drawer

  •  Refer to ‘Loading’ for suggestions on positioning of crockery.


2. Turn the warming drawer on

  • Press the Start Button.JPG button to turn the warming drawer on.  The halo will glow red while the drawer is on.


3. Select a temperature

  • Select a temperature by pressing one of the temperature control buttons.  The halo will glow red while the drawer is on.
  • The warming drawer has three temperature settings (which are approximate depending on the load):
    • 1 (I) = 113°F (45°C) 2 (II) = 131°F (55°C) 3 (III) = 149°F (65°C)
  • Only one temperature can be selected at a time.
  • If no temperature setting is selected the warming drawer will default to setting 2 (II).
Note-Icon.png You may change the temperature setting during use.


4. Set the timer (optional)

  • The warming drawer has two pre-programmed timers (1 hour ( Timer.PNG1h) and 2 hours (Timer.PNG2h).
  • To start the timer press one of the timer buttons.
  • The halo will glow red while the timer is on.
  • Only one timer can be selected at a time.
  • At the end of the timer period the warming drawer will switch off and both the on/off and timer halos will go out.
  • To turn the timer off during use, press the timer button again.  The drawer will continue to operate until switched off.
Note-Icon.png You may turn a timer on, or change the timer selection, at any stage during use.
  • If no timer is selected the warming drawer will remain on until switched off.  However, for safety reasons, after 12 hours of continuous use the warming drawer will automatically turn off.


5. Close the drawer

  • Close the drawer fully. This ensures the most efficient heating.
  • Your warming drawer has a ‘soft closing’ mechanism.
  • When the drawer is closed, the on/off light is visible through the drawer front.


6. Removing warm crockery

  • Crockery can be removed at any time. Refer to the following table for suggested heating times.
Important-Icon.png Always use oven mitts to remove heated crockery from the warming drawer.


Approximate Heating Times

Suggested heating times for an average crockery load*.









Approximate time to heat crockery to selected temperature 40 minutes 40 minutes 40 minutes
Suggested uses Warming coffee cups Warming plates and serving dishes For extra hot plates or heating serving
The cup is still cool enough to touch, but will keep drinks hot for longer This is the default setting For occasions when it will take time to
‘plate up’.
Crockery will be hot – use oven mitts to avoid burns.

*  Times are approximate only. Times will vary according to the thickness and material of crockery used, and the layout of the crockery in the warming drawer. Full capacity loads will take longer.

  • Heated crockery cools quickly.
  • Do not remove items from the drawer until just before you need them.


Suggested Loading Scenerios

  • Do not overload your warming drawer.
  • The maximum allowable weight is 66lbs (30kg).
  • Distribute the load evenly.
  • Only place heat resistant crockery in the drawer
  • Never place plastic or aluminum foil items in the drawer as these may melt and may catch fire.

General Guidelines

  • Place cups upside down on the drawer base.
  • Maximum stack height of items is 3 5/32” (80mm).
  • Ensure only dry dishes are loaded into the warming drawer to avoid problems with condensation or the possibility of steam burns.
  • As much as possible always distribute dishes over the surface of the drawer.  Stacks of dishes take longer to heat through.
  • The number of plates or cups that can be loaded depends on the size of your dishes.
  • Avoid placing large serving dishes next to the fan element vents as they will cover the warm air outlet and the crockery will not heat up evenly.

Suggested Loading (maximum capacity)

Using your Drawer_Suggested Loading#1.PNG

20 Cappuccino cups
Diameter guide
20x Ø3 5/8”
(92 mm)

Using your drawer_Suggested Loading#2.PNG

48 Espresso cups
Diameter guide
48x Ø2 9/32”

Using your drawer_Suggested Loading#3.PNG

6 Std place settings
Diameter guide
6x Ø9 1/16” (230mm) Bowls
6x Ø7 31/64” (190mm) Saucers
6x Ø9 27/32” (250mm) Plates

Using your drawer_Suggested Loading#4.PNG

Mixed load




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