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Cabinetry Dimensions – Underbench (i.e Installed with F&P Single Oven)


Cab Dim_Underbench_Warm Draw.PNG

Cab Dim_Underbench_Side.PNG


Cab Dim_Underbench_Plan.PNG


  • If installing under an oven, you must first fit the two supplied Oven support brackets to the sides of the Warming Drawer.
  • The brackets help support the rear of the oven.
  • Unscrew the 3 top screws on each side, fit the brackets with the tabs facing inwards as shown and screw back in.
Note-Icon.png The screws may not be identical.  Replace each screw into its original hole position.


Cabinetry Dimensions Inches (mm)
M.  Minimum inside height of cavity 27” (687)
N.  Inside width of cavity 22” (560)
O.  Minimum inside depth of cavity 22 1/4” (565)
Note-Icon.png When installed in combination with a companion product the companion product may be placed directly onto the warming drawer. It is not necessary to place a shelf between the products. A built-in shelf at the base of the cabinetry able to support the weight of both products is required.

* PO – POWER OUTLET. Ensure there is an accessible earthed power outlet within 35 7/16” (900mm) of the centre rear of the product.