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Final Checklist



To be Completed by the Installer

  • Make sure the warming drawer is level and securely fitted to the cabinetry.
  • Make sure any internal packaging has been removed from the drawer.
  • Make sure that the isolating switch is accessible by the customer.
  • Make sure the anti-tip bracket has been fitted correctly if it is required.
  • If installing an oven directly on top of the warming drawer, make sure the supplied oven support brackets have been fitted to the warming drawer.


Test Operation

  • Open the drawer and press the Start Button.JPGbutton to turn the warming drawer on.
  • The on/off halo and temperature setting 2 (I I) halo should glow red.
  • Shut the drawer.
  • After 5–10 minutes open the drawer. The internal surfaces of the drawer should feel slightly warmed.
  • Press the Start Button.JPGbutton to turn the warming drawer off and shut the drawer.


Final Checklist.PNG




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