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Cooking Charts



Possible Cause What to Do
Other F__ Error appears in the display window Remove power and turn it back on again after a few seconds. If condition persists, note the code number (in the EVENT LOG list) and contact Customer Support or your authorised repairer.
The oven display won’t turn on Turn off power at the main power supply, then turn the power back on.
If this does not resolve the issue, call Customer Support or an authorised repairer.
The cooling fan continues to run after the oven is turned off The fan will turn off automatically when the electronic components have cooled sufficiently.
Oven is not heating Check the circuit breaker or fuse box to your house. 
Check that power is being supplied to the oven.
Make sure the oven temperature has been selected.
Oven is not cooking evenly Refer to cooking charts for recommended rack position.
Always reduce recipe temperature by 25°F (15°C) when baking with Convection Bake mode.
Oven light is not working properly Check that power is being supplied to the oven.
Refer to the 'Clock Section' of this User Guide.
Clock and timer are not working properly Make sure there is proper electrical power to the oven.
Excessive moisture Using the convection mode will eliminate any moisture in the oven.
Turning off demo mode To disable the function, press the arrows Left_Right Arrows.PNG to enter the DEMO display page and select off.
Confirm your selection by pressing First Use_Confirms settings.PNG.



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