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Replacing the Oven Lamp


The oven lamp must have the following specifications.

  • Structure suitable for high temperatures up to 572°F (300°C).
  • Power supply: see the V/Hz value on the serial number plate.
  • Power 25W.
  • Type G9 connector.
Important-Icon.png Ensure the appliance is off before replacing the lamp to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
  • To protect the oven cavity, spread a tea towel inside the oven.
  • Remove the screws holding the steel frame.
  • Remove the old lamp by sliding it out of its socket and taking care not to break it.
  • Insert the new bulb taking care not to touch it with your hands (we recommend using a disposable latex glove when handling the bulb).
  • Replace the stainless steel frame taking care not to pinch the silicone gasket seal.
  • Re-insert the screws that were previously removed.
  • Re-connect the oven to power.
Replace Oven Lamp #1.PNG Replace Oven Lamp #2.PNG Replace Oven Lamp #3.PNG




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