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Cabinetry Dimensions (18 7/8" (480mm) Cavity Trim Kit)



  • The oven must be installed under a cook top, in a column, or combined with the companion warmer drawer.
  • The cabinet material must be able to withstand heat.
  • The oven must be centered within the walls of the cabinet and fixed with the screws and bushings that are provided.


Lower Trim Kit

  • The Lower Trim kit shown is available to order separately from
  • To install the trim kit, refer to the instructions which accompany it.


Cab Dim 18 Trim_Side.PNG


Cab Dim 18 Trim_Top.PNG



Cabinetry Dimensions

OS24N Models

Inches (mm)

I.  Minimum inside width of cavity 22 1/16” (560)
J.  Overall width of cabinetry 23 5/8” (600)
K.  Minimum inside height of cavity 18 1/2” (470)
L.   Overall height of cabinetry 18 7/8” (480)
M.  Minimum inside depth of cavity 22 1/16” (560)
N.  Ventilation air vent 2” (50)
O.  Height of trim kit 13/16” (20)
Note-Icon.png If installing a cooktop above the oven, ensure adequate clearance is provided for the cooktop as per the cooktop manufacturer’s instructions.