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Prior to Installation



  • The countertop and oven cavity are square and level, and are the required dimensions.
  • The installation will comply with all clearance requirements and applicable standards and regulations.
  • The isolating switch will be easily accessible to the customer with the oven installed.
  • The electrician provides sufficient free length of power supply cable to reach from the bottom rear of the cavity to at least 59 1/16” (1.5m) in front of the bottom edge of the opening.
  • The cable may enter the cavity from the side, top or bottom, but top entry must be at the rear of the cavity.
  • The oven connection socket (if fitted) is outside the cavity if the oven is flush to the rear wall.
  • The oven will rest on a surface that can support its weight.
  • The height from the floor suits the customer.
  • You consult local building authorities and by-laws if in doubt regarding installation.


  • Some environmental factors and cooking habits can cause condensation in and around the oven during use.
  • To protect surrounding cabinetry from possible damage caused by frequent or excessive condensation, we recommend moisture-proofing the oven cavity.

Prior to Install_Option Trim Kit.PNG

Optional Trim Kit Installation

If you are using a 30” (762mm) trim kit, refer to the separate Trim Kit Installation Guide.





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