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Cabinetry Dimensions - Double Ovens

Cabinetry dimensions for Double Ovens Only.
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Cabinetry Dimensions

OB30D Models - Inches (mm)

I. Minimum inside width of cavity

28 1/2” (724)

J. Overall width of cabinetry

30 1/8” (764)

K. Minimum inside height of cavity

48 3/16” (1224)

L. Overall height of cabinetry

48 11/16” (1236)

M. Minimum inside depth of cavity
Proud install
Flush install

22 5/8” (575)
24 1/8” (613)

The depth of the control panel (G) is larger than conventional ovens. Ensure you have created a
1 1/2” (39 mm) recess in cabinetry.

If flush installing, you need to replace the lower trim with the supplied long trim at the base of the oven. Refer to Step 11 for instructions.

Make sure the cavity is completely sealed with no gaps. This is to ensure the oven cooling system functions correctly.
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