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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Main Controls



Power on/off

Press 2017-07-03_1407.png to turn the dishwasher on or off.

Opening the drawer will automatically turn the dishwasher on for 30 seconds.



Press 2017-07-03_1408.png to start, pause, or resume a wash.

After pausing a wash, wait for 3 beeps before opening the drawer. Forcing it open in mid-cycle may cause damage or injury.



Keylock disables all the buttons – helpful when cleaning the dishwasher.

To activate, press 2017-07-03_1409.png and hold until you hear one beep (3 seconds). The light above the button will glow steadily.

To cancel, press 2017-07-03_1409.png and hold until the light above it goes out.

Cancel wash/Cancel Delay start

Press 2017-07-03_1407.png to cancel a wash that has already started or to cancel the Delay start setting.

If there is any water in the drawer,it will automatically drain before the dishwasher turns off.

Set Delay start

  1. Press 2017-07-03_1408.png and hold until the light above it changes from blue to purple, then release. You are now in Delay start mode.

  2. Press 2017-07-03_1408.png briefly again, repeating as many times as the number of hours you want to delay the start of a wash by. The dishwasher will emit a beep for every hour of delay time (1 to 12 hours).

You have now set Delay start. The wash will start once the delay time is over, provided the drawer is closed.


Childlock locks the drawer and disables all the buttons, preventing unauthorized use by children.

To activate, press and hold 2017-07-03_1409.png until you hear two beeps (5 seconds). The light above the button will glow steadily.

To cancel, press and hold 2017-07-03_1409.png until the light above it goes out.

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