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Parts Supplied




Parts Req - Drain Hose.JPG Parts Req Single  - Drain Hose Joiner.JPG Parts Req Single  - Wire Clip.JPG Parts Req - Clamp.JPG
Drain Hose Support (1) Drain Hose Joiner (1) Wire Clip (1)
(for securing Drain hose joiner)
Clamp (1)
(for securing Drain hose joiner)
Parts Req - Side Mounting Bracket Kit.JPG Parts Req - Top Mounting Bracket.JPG Parts Req - Phillips 16mm Screws.JPG Parts Req Single  - 38mm Fixing Screws.JPG
Side Mounting Bracket Kit
(A and B) (2) OPTIONAL
Top Mounting Brackets (2)
Phillips 5/8” (16mm) Screws (7) 1 1/2” (38mm) Bottom Fixing Screws & Metal Washers (2)
Parts Req - Washer.JPG Parts Req - Moisture protection Tape.JPG Parts Req_ Cavity Bracket Kit.PNG Parts Req_ Edge Protector.PNG
Rubber Washer for Inlet Hose (1)
(comes already fitted)
Moisture Protection Tape (1)
(to prevent moisture damage to cabinetry)
Cavity Bracket Kit (1)
(supplied with Fisher & Paykel Tall Height Models only)
Edge Protector (1)
(If the services hole is through a metal
partition, the hole must be protected with the Edge Protector supplied to prevent damage to the power cord or hoses.)


If the Drain hoses supplied are not long enough to reach your services, you must use a Drain Hose Extension Kit P/N 525798 which will extend the drain hoses by 11’ 10” (3.6m). The kit is available from the nearest Fisher & Paykel Authorized Service Center, or Toll free 1.888.936.7872 or





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