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Racking Features

Cutlery Basket

  • To reduce the risk of injury, we recommend loading knives and sharp utensils with handles facing up.
  • Mix spoons, knives and forks within each section to stop cutlery nesting together and to ensure the water circulates freely.
  • Keep stainless steel from touching silver cutlery to avoid staining.

 Removable Anti-Nesting Grid

  • The anti-nesting grid clips onto the top of the cutlery basket.
  • Use the grid to separate cutlery items and stop them nesting together.

Removable Tablet Tray

If you are using dishwasher tablets or gel packs, place them on the removable tablet tray, as shown. See also ‘Adding detergent’ for more information.

Dishwasher tablets should not be in direct contact with dishes or cutlery.

Removable Small Items Container

(DD***C models only)

  • Small, light items like baby bottle teats are best placed into the small items container to prevent them from being displaced during the wash.
  • You can extend your cutlery basket by clipping the container on its side.
  • To optimize the cutlery space within the basket, the small items container can be place elsewhere in the drawer.
  • If you lay the container flat, make sure that the solid plastic side is facing up.
  • If you place a fully laden container under the cup racks, it is best to leave the rack space directly above the container empty - there may not be enough water reaching items that are placed above.

Foldaway Cup Racks

Racking features will vary depending on model.

  • You can fold these independently of each other.
  • Fold the racks away if you need the space.

DD***A Models only

  • The racks are a fixed height, designed for best wash performance.

DD***C Models only

  • The racks are height adjustable to accommodate glassware and cups of varying heights.

  • You can adjust these independently of each other to any height:
  1. Fold up to unlock the rack.
  2. Adjust the height to suit by sliding up or down.
  3. Fold down to lock in position.

Knife Clip (DD***C Models only)

  • This clips onto the adjustable racks and supports knives and other utensils during the wash.
  • Always ensure that knife blades are facing down.

Folding Tine Rack

Folding Tines

  • For optimum stability, place larger plates between the longer tines in the front.
  • Fold the tines down if you need the space for pots or other large items.
  • Release by pushing the small clips at the rear and fold the tine sections down towards each other.

Removing the Folding Tines

The folding tines can be removed if so desired. However it is recommended you fold the tines down rather than remove the whole rack if more space is needed in the dishwasher.

To remove

Unclip the folding tine rack at each end by pulling up.

To Replace

Line up the clips with the base rack and push firmly to click into place.

(DD***A Models Only) - Fixed Tine Rack

Removable Fixed Tine Plate Rack

  • This rack is your main dish rack. The tine spacing has been optimized for maximum wash performance of plates and bowls.
  • Remove the rack to make space for larger items.

To Remove

  • Lift the trap door up.
  • Lift the front of the fixed tine plate rack up from the base rack.
  • Slide the fixed tine plate forward clear of the rear anchoring loop and lift out.


To Replace

  • Lift the trap door up.
  • Hook the rear anchoring loop onto the base rack.
  • Lower the fixed tine plate rack into place.
  • Close the trap door to secure.


(DD***C Models Only) - Spacing-Adjustable Tine Rack

Removable Spacing-Adjustable Tine Rack

  • Designed to fit deep bowls (wide spacing) or small plates (narrow spacing), depending on adjustment.

To Adjust the Tine Spacing

  • To adjust between wide and narrow spacing, slide the tines backward or forward by pushing or pulling the handle at the front.

Remove the rack to make space for larger items.

To Remove the Rack

Grip handles at the front and rear of the rack and pull up to unclip.

To Replace the Rack

Align front and rear clips with the base of the basket and click into place.

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