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Final Checklist





To Be Completed by the Installer

  • Check all parts are installed.
  • Ensure that all panels and parts thereof are secure and final electrical tests have been conducted in accordance with local electrical regulations.
  • Ensure product is level, securely fastened to the cabinetry and opens and closes freely.  The drawers must be free to fully close with no resistance from the cabinetry.
  • Ensure inlet hose to water supply has supplied rubber washer fitted, and that it’s tightened a further half turn after seal contact.
  • Ensure any knockouts or plugs in drain connection have been drilled out and drain connection has been made.
  • The drain hose joiner must not support the weight of excess hose material. Keep drain hose as fully extended as possible to prevent sagging. Any excess length of drain hose should be kept on the dishwasher side of the highloop.
  • If connecting the drain hose to the sink trap, ensure the Highloop is a minimum 5 7/8” (150mm) higher than the drain hose joiner.
  • Ensure any packaging or tape securing the racks is removed from the drawers.
  • Water softener models only: adjust the water softener setting from the default setting to suit the water hardness of the area.  See the Quick start guide and section ‘Water softener’ in the User guide.
  • Turn on the power and water supplies, then open the drawers. You should hear a beep and see a program indicator light up on the internal control panel.
  • Check the spray arms are in place, mounted correctly and free to rotate, by physically rotating by hand.
Final Checklist_Spray Arm.PNG
  • Add three cups of water into the drawer. Press Forward Button.JPG until the indicator of the ‘Rinse’ program lights up. Close the drawer and press Start_Pause Button.JPG to start the program.  Repeat for the other drawer.
  • When the test cycle is in process check the knock sensor is working by knocking twice on the door to pause the wash program.
  • After the Rinse program has finished, ensure the dishwasher has run and drained correctly.
  • Check the water supply has correctly shut off and drainage connection for leakage.


Final Checklist_Keep for Safe Keeping.PNG




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