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Fault / Error What to Do
Excessive water remaining above the filter plate, after the rinse cycle. (This is displayed as an A3 fault. See user guide ‘How to attend to a fault’) Check for a kinked drain hose, blocked or incorrectly drilled out waste connection, highloop not properly installed, drain hose not routed correctly or spray arms not in place.
No water supply. (This is displayed as an A1 fault. See user guide ‘How to attend to a fault’) Check water is connected and turned on.
The dishwasher is beeping continuously There is a fault. See section ‘How to attend to a fault’ in the User guide for further information and instructions.
No program indicator lights up when the drawer is opened Ensure power is connected and is switched on. If it is and still no indicator ligths up, see the ‘Preference options’ section of the ‘Quick start guide’.
An option called ‘Open drawer auto power-on’ may need to be turned on.
Water around water supply and drainage connections Check connections, existing plumbing and hoses for leaks. Check rubber washer and hose clamp are correctly fitted.
If product is tipping Ensure the product is secured to the cabinetry.
Drawer doesn’t close properly Ensure nothing is obstructing the drawer from closing properly eg hoses or drawer latches.


  • If a problem occurs, consult the ‘Troubleshooting’ section of the User guide.
  • If after checking these points you still need assistance, please refer to the Service & Warranty book for warranty details and your nearest Authorized Service Center, or contact us through our website




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