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Favourite cycle

Favourite cycle

WashSmart™ model only

The ‘Favourite’ cycle lets you programme your ideal wash cycle. It can be any wash cycle with any of its wash options and it can start from any point in the cycle. For instance, it may be a cycle to wash your gym gear or it may be a rinse and spin to finish washing the nappies.

To set your favourite cycle

  1. Press ‘Power’ .
  2. Press the ‘Favourite’ cycle button. Hold down for 2 seconds.
  3. You will hear 2 quick beeps and the ‘Favourite’ light will flash.
  4. Select your preferred (‘Favourite’) cycle, eg ‘Regular’, ‘Allergy’.
  5. Select the wash options, eg ‘Cold’ wash, ‘Soak’. Use  if you want part of a cycle (eg to rinse nappies).
  6. Press ‘Favourite’ again to store your favourite cycle.

To change your ‘Favourite’ cycle simply repeat these steps.

Your washer will remember your ‘Favourite’ cycle even when it is turned off at the wall. It is not possible to program a delayed start into the ‘Favourite’ cycle.

To use your favourite cycle

  1. Press ‘Power’ .
  2. Press ‘Favourite’. (Your favourite cycle and wash options will be automatically selected).
  3. Press .

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