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Wash cycles — QuickSmart washer

Your QuickSmart washer has a number of wash cycles to suit your laundering needs. Selecting the most appropriate cycle for each particular wash load will help ensure you get the best possible wash result.

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Cycle Designed for Wash Time * Wash Action Wash Temp Rinse Spin Speed Spin Time**
Regular*** For normally soiled everyday cotton loads, eg t-shirts, shorts, shirts. 12 minutes Regular Warm Spray/Deep Rinse Fast 6 minutes
Heavy Duty Recommended cycle for heavily soiled durable garments, eg tea towels, children’s clothes. 15 minutes Heavy Duty Warm Spray/Deep Rinse Fast 6 minutes
Delicate Designed for delicate lightly soiled clothes. 6 minutes Delicate  Warm 2 Deep Rinse Slow 4 minutes
Wool Designed for machine washable woollen items. 6 minutes Delicate Warm 2 Deep Rinses or Spray/Deep Rinse Medium 6 minutes

* Refers to the agitation time in the ‘wash’ part of the cycle, not the total time taken to complete a cycle.

** Refers to the length of time when at the maximum spin speed.

*** The ‘Regular’ cycle with ‘High’ water level, ‘Warm’ wash temp, ‘Fast’ spin speed and the ‘Eco’ option selected is the recommended water and energy saving cycle for normally soiled, everyday washing.

Note-Icon.png For users in markets with cold supply only, the wash temperature will default to Cold wash temperature.
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