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Sorting and loading

When sorting your wash load and loading your washer there are some important things to consider.


To get the best wash results it pays to sort your clothes before washing.

Care labels

The care label will tell you about the fabric of the garment and how it should be washed.

  • Machine Washable
  • Warm 40°C maximum
  • Rinse Well
  • Normal Spin
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble drying possible, maximum 60°C
  • Warm iron
  • Do not dry clean


Sort clothes according to the type and amount of soil. Some soils suit warmer washes, eg oily soils, while others are best washed in cold water, eg mud, blood.


Sort white fabrics from coloured fabrics.


Wash lint givers and lint collectors separately. Where possible, turn lint collectors inside out (see table below).

Lint Givers Lint Collectors
Towels Synthetics, eg polar fleece
Chenille Corduroy
Nappies Poly cotton


Check pockets

Loose items can damage both your washer and your clothes.

Close zippers, hooks and eyes

This is to make sure that these items do not snag on other clothes.

Mend any torn garments or loose buttons

Tears or holes may become larger during washing. Remove any loose bra wires as they can damage your washing machine and/or dryer.

Pretreat any stains

Make sure you use an appropriate surface to apply treatments. Do not use the lid or top of the washer, as damage may occur to these surfaces.

Make sure the water level suits the load size

If manually selecting the water level, select the correct water level by using the mark on the agitator nearest to the top of the load. Ensure the load does not extend above the bottom of the fabric softener dispenser cup, as splashing may occur.

For a balanced load

  • Place unfolded clothes firmly and evenly around the agitator, no higher than the bottom of the fabric softener dispenser cup.
  • Do not wrap large items, such as sheets, around the agitator.
  • A mixture of small and large items will wash best.
Note-Icon.png In the unlikely case of an out of balance load, refer to ‘Before you call for service — The washer is out of balance’.
Important-Icon.png Please do not, under any circumstances, attempt to wash an electric blanket in your washer unless the care label specifically states it is safe to do so. Also, we do not recommend that you wash curtains in your washer. Sunlight makes them brittle and they may disintegrate during washing. 
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