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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Solving operating problems

Details many of the various problems you may run into that pertain to operation and provides information on how to fix these.
Pressing POWER does not turn the machine on 
Is the power switched on at the wall?
Switch the power off at the wall and wait 60 seconds before turning the power on again. 
Could your household power supply be at fault? Try plugging in another electrical appliance
Pressing START / PAUSE does not start the fill 
Are both the hot and cold taps turned on? 
Are the inlet hose filters blocked?
Filling continuously 
Check that the machine is not siphoning (refer to 'Installation instructions'). 
Not spinning properly
Is the load out of balance? (Refer to 'Wash options' and 'Changing pre-set options').
Check the machine is level and does not rock in any direction (refer to 'Installation instructions'). 
The machine may have a suds build-up. 
Spin speed sounds slower than it should 
The clothes are unevenly distributed in the bowl, your washer has compensated by lowering the spin speed. 
Machine is continually going out of balance 
Check the machine is level and does not rock in any direction (refer to 'Installation instructions'). 
Too much water for load (refer to 'Wash options'). 
Too much or too little water when filling on AUTO water level
The machine may still be in the process of determining the correct water level for the load (refer to 'Wash options').
Some loads do not suit AUTO water level, eg pillows, bedding, large bulky garments. Manually select the water level. 
Banging – load is out of balance (refer to 'Wash options' and 'Changing pre-set options'). 
Other noises – refer to 'Caring for your washer'.
Small puddle of water coming from under the machine
The water level is too high for the amount of clothes. This has caused excessive splashing. Select a lower water level (refer to 'Wash options'). 
Large bulky, garments (eg pillows, duvets) can cause splashing. Wash on HANDWASH cycle (refer to 'Wash options'). 

If the problem persists contact your Fisher & Paykel Dealer or Authorised Repairer (refer to 'Customer Care').

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