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CleanSmart washer controls

Details many of the washer controls such as SmartTouch™ Control Dial, Time to go, and Keylock mode.

SmartTouch™ Control Dial

The SmartTouch™ Control Dial provides easy and efficient cycle selection. As you rotate the dial, the cycle selected will be illuminated, along with the default settings for that cycle on the right of the control panel.

SmartTouch™ buttons

The smooth, easy clean buttons require only a gentle touch to activate. Use these to power your washer on and off, start and pause your washer, select your wash options, activate keylock and programme a delay start.

Digital display screen

The digital display screen provides feedback on how long the wash cycle has to go, to keep you informed throughout the cycle. The screen also displays your ‘Delay Start’ selection, should you choose one. The delayed time remaining will show on the screen until the washer starts. The screen will also display messages to help you with the overall running of your washer.

Time to go

Your CleanSmart™ washer displays approximately how many minutes the cycle has remaining, so that you can tell at a glance when your washing will be finished. Once you have selected your wash cycle and options, the time the cycle will take to complete will be displayed. Please be aware that a number of factors influence the overall cycle time, eg the water flow rate and load size and cycle selection, therefore times will vary.

Keylock mode

Keylock can be used to lock the buttons on your CleanSmart™ washer when not in use. This will avoid accidental button pushes from items left on the lid of the washer (eg washing baskets) and also from any little fingers.

To turn ‘Keylock’ mode ON or OFF:

  • Touch and hold the 2017-06-29_1238.png button for 2 seconds.

When activated, the light above the lock-fixed.png button is illuminated.

If ‘Keylock’ mode is activated:

  • To turn your washer on, touch and hold the ‘Power’ 2017-06-29_1232.png button for 2 seconds. This will activate the display panel. ‘Keylock’ will remain activated but let you select your wash cycle options and start the cycle.
  • To pause your washer at any time during the cycle, touch and hold the 2017-06-29_1233.png button for 2 seconds, or touch the 2017-06-29_1233.png button twice in quick succession.
  • To stop your washer or power off at any time, touch and hold the ‘Power’ 2017-06-29_1232.png button for 2 seconds or touch the ‘Power’ 2017-06-29_1232.png button twice in quick succession.
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