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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Installation Test Cycle

Check the operation of the machine using the following procedure:

Not all models are shown




  1. Touch 2017-08-02_1246.png to activate your washer.

  2. Touch both the and 2017-08-02_1247.png ‘Options’ buttons at the same time, holding for three seconds.

  3. Touch 2017-08-02_1248.png to start the installation test cycle. The display will show 2017-08-02_1249.png and the lid will lock. The cycle may take up to 10 minutes to complete.

  4. The washer will beep to signal the end of the installation test cycle. Any faults will be displayed on the screen (refer to the user guide to help identify any faults, eg 2017-08-02_1250.png (if using cold supply only).

    WA7060M QuickSmartTM washer only – a manual check of the inlet hose connections will be required as the installation test cycle will not verify if the hot and cold inlet hoses are connected the correct way around.

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