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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Solving wash problems

Black or grey marks on clothes
Are you using enough detergent for the amount of dirt?
Empty machine and put through a BOWL CLEAN cycle (refer to 'Caring for your washer').
Try separating out larger items from smaller items.
Try using High Efficiency OFF.
Try using the EASY IRON cycle to wash shirts.
Wash sheets on their own using the SHEETS cycle.
Try washing smaller load sizes.
Wash your most valued items on the HANDWASH cycle.
Sheets and duvet / doona covers tangling or engulfing each other
Are you using the SHEETS cycle?
Wash sheets and duvet / doona covers on their own on the SHEETS cycle.
Place sheets and duvet / doona covers into the bowl individually, to the side of the low profile agitator (ensure each item does not cover more than half of the bowl area). Load the items in layers around the bowl (2 sheets or duvet / doona covers per layer). Ensure duvet / doona covers are buttoned or domed closed before washing.
Towels causing out of balance
Try washing a mixture of large towels and smaller towels.
Reduce the size of your load.

If problems persist, please contact your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer (refer to 'Customer Care').

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