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Wash Boost

Wash Boost options

Your CleanSmart™ washer has an extra dispenser located on the right hand side called the Wash Boost dispenser. You can use this dispenser to boost your wash performance in two ways:

Stain Treatment

The STAIN TREATMENT option allows you to add a liquid in-wash fabric stain remover to help combat tough stains. The liquid treatment is released into your wash at just the right time to work on any stains present. Short soaks are included in the wash to effectively boost stain removal. For the stain remover to be dispensed correctly, ensure STAIN TREATMENT is selected before starting your wash.


Pre treatment products, such as concentrated spray-on fabric stain removers must NOT be used in the Wash Boost dispenser.

Dual Wash

For extra dirty loads you can perform a DUAL WASH. Your CleanSmart™ will complete a double wash; the first is an initial wash to loosen soil and get the wash started using a cool water temperature to ensure any stains are not “set in”. Detergent for this part of the wash should be placed in the detergent dispenser. The second part is a complete wash to remove all traces of dirt. The liquid detergent for this part of the wash should be placed in the Wash Boost dispenser. When you feel your load requires extra washing, ensure DUAL WASH is selected from the WASH BOOST options.


You can use the manufacturers recommended dose of detergent in each of the detergent and Wash Boost dispensers. However, reduce the amount if you have problems with over-sudsing.


After the steps described above are carried out, the pictures will be immediately deleted without any additional confirmation queries. 

The Wash Boost dispenser is NOT designed to dispense bleach into your wash. The bleach will not be dispensed correctly and may damage your clothing. Only liquid detergent or liquid in-wash fabric stain remover must be used (ie no powder).

Adding the liquid in-wash fabric stain remover or liquid detergent

Liquid in-wash fabric stain remover, or liquid detergent only, must be used in the Wash Boost dispenser. Refer to the manufacturers instructions on the package for the correct dosage. Add the liquid in-wash fabric stain remover or liquid detergent to the dispenser before starting the wash cycle ensuring you do not exceed the MAX LEVEL shown on the dispenser.


A small volume of water remaining in the dispenser at the end of the cycle is normal.

Cleaning the dispenser

The dispenser may need cleaning periodically. Please refer to 'Caring for your washer' for advice about cleaning the dispenser.

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