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Fabric softener

Choosing the right cycle

If you wish to use fabric softener you will need to select SOFTENER by touching the OPTIONS button which will give you a deep rinse. If the SOFTENER
option is not selected, the fabric softener will not be dispensed correctly.


A small volume of water remaining in the dispenser at the end of the cycle is normal.

Adding the fabric softener

Always refer to the fabric softener package for the manufacturers recommended dosage. Measure the softener out into the cap and pour into the fabric softener dispenser. The softener will remain in the dispenser until the deep rinse where water flushes it into the bowl.


If you fill beyond the MAX mark, the fabric softener will dispense into the bowl prematurely and may stain clothes, and also contribute to scrud (described below).

Fig.15 Adding softener into  the fabric softener dispenser

Cleaning the dispenser

The dispenser may need cleaning periodically. Please refer to 'Caring for your washer' for advice about cleaning the dispenser.


Scrud is the name of the waxy build-up that can occur within any washer when fabric softener comes into contact with detergent. This build-up is not brought about by a fault in the machine. If scrud is allowed to build up in the machine it can result in stains on clothes or an unpleasant smell in your washer. Scrud can be kept under control by using the BOWL CLEAN cycle regularly (refer to 'Caring for your washer').

If you wish to use fabric softener we recommend to:

  • Use it sparingly. Measure it carefully to ensure you do not fill above the MAX level of the dispenser.
  • Use one that is of a thinner consistency.
  • Clean the dispenser as soon as the cycle has finished.
  • Clean your machine regularly using the BOWL CLEAN cycle (refer to 'Caring for your washer').
  • Cold water washing increases the chance of this build-up occurring. We recommend a warm or hot wash at regular intervals, eg every 5th wash.
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