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Choosing the right detergent

Your CleanSmart™ is a High Efficiency clothes washer and needs a Low Sudsing Detergent to prevent oversudsing problems. This is the same type of detergent Front Loaders use and is labelled, “Low Suds”, “Matic”, “High Efficiency” or “HE”.

We recommend the use of liquid detergents in most washing situations to achieve the best results. This is particularly important when washing dark garments.

When washing woollens use a wool detergent but use it sparingly as these are usually very high foaming. Do not use soap flakes or granulated soap powders.

How Much Detergent?

Use the instructions stated on the detergent label as a guide to the correct amount to use. The correct amount of detergent will vary depending on the amount of soil in your clothes and the size of your load. Jeans and work clothes may need more and towels less.

  • If you have over-foaming problems, reduce your dosage.
  • If your clothes are not clean enough, try using a bit more.

Where do I put my detergent?

Pour your detergent into the detergent dispenser, located on the left side of the washer. We recommend that you measure your detergent first.

You will notice that most of the detergent placed in the dispenser will fall into the machine. It will remain in an area separated from your clothes until the machine begins to fill. As the washer fills, the dispenser will be flushed of any residue. The detergent is then mixed with water at the bottom of the machine, dissolving and activating it to ensure optimum wash performance.


We do not recommend you use nappy sanitisers or bleach to soak items in your CleanSmart™ washer. These products are very corrosive to metal surfaces and may seriously damage your machine.

Fig. 4 Adding detergent to the detergent dispenser

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