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Welcome to CleanSmart™

Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel CleanSmart™ clothes washer. We are proud of this washer and trust it will serve you well for many years.

At Fisher & Paykel we aim to provide innovative products that are simple to use, ergonomic and kind to the environment. Thousands of tonnes of washing and over 75 years of laundry experience have been programmed into your clothes washer to help give you the best possible performance.

Your CleanSmart™ washer has an extra large capacity, numerous wash cycles and options, and an ergonomic design so you can efficiently perform every wash task with ease. Your washer is a ‘High Efficiency’ machine utilising innovative technology to wash in less water while taking great care of your clothes. Similarly, taking extra care in the way you use your high efficiency washer will help ensure you make the most of its capabilities.

The revolutionary water and energy efficient wash action of your CleanSmart™ washer means that it is no longer necessary to wash using a full bowl of water. This innovative wash action relies on rolling the clothes through a small volume of water to ensure optimal wash results. Please be aware that the water level for this washer is fully automatic, meaning that there is no option to manually select your water level.

Please take the time to read these instructions carefully before you begin using your washer. Like with all High Efficiency washers, a little extra care in how you sort your clothes and in choosing your wash cycle and detergent, will ensure that you get the best possible performance from your washer.

We hope you enjoy your new washer. We have certainly enjoyed designing it for you.

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