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Washer controls

Details many of the various washer controls and features such as SmartTouch™ Control Dial, Time to go, and Keylock mode.

SmartTouch™ Control Dial

The SmartTouch™ Control Dial provides easy and efficient wash cycle selection. As you rotate the dial, the icon of the wash cycle selected will be illuminated, along with the default settings for that cycle on the right side of the control panel.

SmartTouch™ buttons

The smooth, easy clean buttons enable easy selection of options with lights clearly showing the selections you are making.

Digital display screen

The digital display screen provides feedback on how long the wash cycle has to go. If you have programmed a ‘Delay Start’, the time remaining until the cycle will start will be displayed here, along with any messages to help you with the overall running of your washer (eg user warnings).

Time to go

Your washer displays approximately how many minutes the cycle you are running has remaining, so that you can tell at a glance when your washing will be finished.

Please be aware that a number of factors can influence the overall cycle time, eg the water flow rate, water pressure, whether hot water is being used from the tap or the water is heated by the internal heater, load size, cycle and option selections. Therefore cycle times will vary. Unexpected events in a wash cycle (eg out of balance, oversudsing) can lengthen the cycle time.

Progress lights

The progress lights indicate what part of the cycle the washer is currently on (wash, rinse or spin). All three lights are on at the beginning of the cycle. The light for the current part of the cycle flashes, and each one goes out when that part of the cycle is complete.

Keylock mode

Keylock can be used to lock the buttons on your washer. This will avoid accidental button pushes. For more detail please refer to the ‘Wash cycle options’ section.

Drum light (WH8560F, WH8060F models only)

Your machine has a drum light to help assist you when loading and unloading your washing machine. When you press ‘POWER’, the LED light in the drum will turn on, after 2 minutes it will automatically turn off. At the end of the cycle, the drum light will turn on again for 5 minutes to help facilitate unloading.

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