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Water Under Your Washer



Possible Cause What to Do

High water level

Large bulky items (e.g. pillows, blankets) can cause water to splash out of machine. Try the DELICATE or BULKY (if applicable) cycle or manually select a lower water level.

Detergent Dispenser Blocked The detergent dispenser may be blocked, clean then try again.
Fabric Softener Dispenser not secure Fabric softener dispenser may not be fitted correctly.
Bleach Dispenser Blocked Bleach dispenser may be blocked or not fitted correctly refer to 'Caring for Your Washer'.
Washer not Level Check washer is level and does not rock in any direction.
Overloaded Washer may have been overloaded, causing splash from clothes as washer filled. Try reducing load size or select BULKY cycle for large, bulky items.

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