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Possible Cause What to Do
  • Try separating out larger items from smaller items.
  • Try washing smaller load sizes.
  • Do not load the washer by wrapping items around the agitator, eg place items, especially sheets, in the basket as loose parcels.
Under Loading Washing with too much water can cause the clothes to tangle around one another.
HE On Try using High Efficiency OFF (if applicable).
Incorrect cycle for load type selected Gentler cycles can help reduce tangling.  Try using the EASY IRON (if applicable) cycle to wash shirts.
Wash sheets on their own using the SHEETS (if applicable) cycle.
Wash load not balanced Load items loosely and individually into the washer (ie not folded). Ensure items are spread evenly.
Delicate items
  • Wash delicate items (e.g. pantyhose, bras) in a mesh laundry bag.
  • Wash your most valued items on the HANDWASH (if applicable) cycle.

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