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Poor Soil Removal



Possible Cause What to Do
Incorrect wash cycle selected Are you using the most appropriate wash cycle for the amount of dirt?  Select a wash cycle that is appropriate for the amount of dirt, refer 'Wash Cycles' in your User Guide.
Insufficient detergent Did you use enough detergent for the amount of dirt?  Ensure the correct dose of detergent is used for the load size and soil level, refer to 'Detergent & Fabric Softener' in your User Guide.
Washer overloaded Was the washer overloaded?  Ensure the washer is not overloaded in terms of its capacity or the cycle selected, refer to 'Wash Cycles' in your User Guide.
Load was particularly dirty

Separate heavily and lightly soiled garments.  

Select ‘Pre Wash’ for particularly dirty loads, refer to 'Wash Cycle Options' in your User Guide.

Separate white clothes White clothes are better washed separately. Separate light and heavily soiled items, as clothes can pick up soil from dirty wash water.
Incorrect wash temperature selected in relation to the type of soil Select a wash temperature suitable for the type of soil, eg warm for greasy soils, cold for muddy soils. Increasing the wash temperature generally improves soil removal and overall wash performance.

Wash Boost

(Not available on all Models)

Try using one of the Wash Boost options.
Heavy Cycle Try selecting the HEAVY option using the SOIL LEVEL button.
Hard Water Hard water requires more detergent than soft water.
Warm wash water is too cold Warm water wash may be cold. Use the Warm/Hot option.  Refer to ‘Changing pre-set options — Wash temperatures’ for more information.
Cold water wash is too cold Cold water wash may be too cold. Use the Controlled Cold option.  Refer to ‘Changing pre-set options — Wash temperatures’ for more information.

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