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General Marks


Possible Cause What to Do

Wrong cycle

Specific cycles may only fill with the selected wash water temperature to a level sufficient to allow the detergent to be mixed, then the machine may continue to fill with cold water.  Refer to Wash Cycles in your User manual for further information.

  • Are you using enough detergent for the amount of dirt.
  • Wrong detergent for the product can cause white marks on dark clothes.
Scrud build-up Scrud build up - need to put through cleaning cycle with a washer cleaner as this can cause black/brown on white clothes or white on darks.
Bowl Clean If this continues after a bowl clean has been done, don’t continue to do a bowl clean as the machine will need a service to remove the inner bowl and clean.  Advise this is not a warranty issue and the customer will need to pay to have the inner bowl removed and cleaned.
Clean Agitator Remove the agitator, see your User Guide for Instruction.  Clean underneath and also inside the agitator.

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