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Not Filling When Pressing Start


Possible Cause What to Do

Delay Start function

Ensure the Delay Start function is set to off before starting.

Keylock turned on

Turn off Keylock as per your User Guide as this function locks the controls. 

Washer paused

If Start/Pause is flashing, it is waiting for a command from you.

Washer door open

Make sure the door is fully closed before starting.


Turning off the taps first, disconnect the two inlet hoses from the straight (tap) end before carefully turning the taps back on to check the water flow.

Inlet hoses – filters

Filters inside the two inlet hoses connecting your washer to the taps can become blocked. Turning off the taps first, unscrew the hoses at the machine end. Remove filters with nose pliers and clean if required.

Inlet hoses – kinks

Straighten any kinks along the two inlet hoses that connect your washer to the taps as these can restrict water flow. If the kinks return, you may need to replace the hoses.

Inlet hoses – connections

If the two inlet hoses connecting your washer to the hot and cold taps are the wrong way around, this can confuse your washer when filling. To check, turn off the taps, swap the hoses around, and turn the taps back on.

Inlet hoses – leaks or damage

If the two inlet hoses are correctly connected to the taps, check the hoses for leaks or damage and replace if required.

User warning/fault code

If a user warning or fault code is displayed, follow the steps in your User Guide to reset your machine.


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