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PH10 DishDrawer Demo Mode

Fault Cause What to Do

The product is doing the following:

-           Starts (i.e close the lid)

-           Pause for 1 minute

-           Increment of cycle progress LEDs

-           Pause for 1 minute

-           Increment the cycle progress LEDs

-           Pause for 1 minute

-           End (i.e open the lid, play end of cycle beeps)

The cycle is 3 – minutes total of the machine doing nothing.
The product is in Demo Mode

content 2.jfif

Touch and hold >> and START.                                   Start must be touched first

Touch Cycle until all modifiers start flashing

Touch Start button to toggle Demo mode.                    Demo Mode enabled: Fast flashing                              Demo Mode disabled: Slow flashing

Touch and hold Start button to exit.

Demo mode will remain on the previously set state. When a cycle is started with Demo Mode enabled, the lid comes down and the demo cycle runs (regardless of the cycle selected on the Fascia). Once the demo cycle is complete, the end of the cycle beep is played and the lid comes up.


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