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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Installer Checklist

  • Specified clearances main- tained to combustibles. 
  • Verified proper enclosure ventilation. 
  • All internal packaging and any adhesive residue removed. To remove stub- born residue, use rubbing alcohol or a commercially available adhesive remover.
  • Removed shipping brackets.
  • Knobs turn freely, bezels centered.
  • Each burner lights satisfactorily, individually or with adjacent burner lit.
  • Air shutters adjusted.
  • Low flame setting satisfactory.
  • Drip pan in place properly and sliding freely.
  • Heat Shields are located properly and in place.
  • Pressure regulator con- nected and set for 1 kPa Natural, 2.75 kPa LPG gas.
  • Manual shut-off valve installed and accessible.
  • Unit tested and free of leaks.
  • User informed of gas supply shut-off valve location.
  • All radiants are assembled and put in place.
  • Check match lighting.

If any of the listed items are missing, contact Customer Care. See section ‘Service’ for contact details. Please be prepared with your Model #, Serial # and description of item(s) that are missing.

Read all installation instructions in this manual to see if the unit has been properly installed. If not done or done correctly, correct before using the unit. 

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