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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Installer Checklist

  • Specified clearances main- tained to combustibles. 
  • Verified proper enclosure ventilation. 
  • All internal packaging and any adhesive residue removed. To remove stub- born residue, use rubbing alcohol or a commercially available adhesive remover.
  • Removed shipping brackets.
  • Knobs turn freely, bezels centered.
  • Each burner lights satisfactorily, individually or with adjacent burner lit.
  • Air shutters adjusted.
  • Low flame setting satisfactory.
  • Drip pan in place properly and sliding freely.
  • Heat Shields are located properly and in place.
  • Pressure regulator con- nected and set for 1 kPa Natural, 2.75 kPa LPG gas.
  • Manual shut-off valve installed and accessible.
  • Unit tested and free of leaks.
  • User informed of gas supply shut-off valve location.
  • All radiants are assembled and put in place.
  • Check match lighting.

If any of the listed items are missing, contact Customer Care. See section ‘Service’ for contact details. Please be prepared with your Model #, Serial # and description of item(s) that are missing.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.37.41 PM.png

Read all installation instructions in this manual to see if the unit has been properly installed. If not done or done correctly, correct before using the unit. 

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