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Built-in Construction Details

  • Providing ventilation openings as per the diagrams below is MANDATORY.
  • Providing an access opening from the front is MANDATORY. The opening must be large enough to allow easy access to the cylinder valve or shut-off valve for the purposes of shutting gas off to the appliance. If gas supply is via cylinder, the opening must be large enough to allow easy placement and removal of the cylinder too. A custom door may be fitted over the opening, but the user should be able to open the door at all times.


Standard layout for non-combustible enclosure:


Layout for insulated jacket only - combustible enclosure:



If installing the grill into a non-combustible enclosure, all combustible construction must still be outside the 310 mm clearance zone. If your island is made of stucco over the top of wooden studs, the wood can not be inside the 310 mm clearance zone to combustible, even though the stucco is what is touching the grill area.

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