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Drying Cycle Options



Timed Programmes (Time Dry, Rack Dry, Air Dry)

The dryer dries for the selected time regardless of the level of moisture in your clothes. It is important to check the clothes throughout the timed programmes to avoid over drying.


Drying Cycles

All drying cycles default to the recommended options for that cycle based on the average expected load to be dried using that cycle. You can vary the options (eg ‘Dryness Level’, ‘Dry Temp’) to create your desired cycle. Note: some options are not available on some cycles, for clothes care reasons, or because the option is not appropriate for the cycle.

To change a drying cycle you have selected after a cycle has started, touch Start_Pause Button.JPG  and select your new cycle, then touch Start_Pause Button.JPG again to resume drying. Note: some options may not be available for selection under certain conditions and after particular stages of the drying cycle have passed.


Dryness Level

Your dryer takes the guess work out of choosing drying times by sensing the dryness of the load. When your dryer senses that the clothes have dried to the dryness level you have selected, the dryer will automatically finish the cycle.

The dryer has five dryness levels from ‘Damp’ through to ‘Extra Dry’. Choose the dryness level to suit your load depending on how dry you wish for your clothes to be. If you find the load is not dry enough, select the next dryness level up. The higher the level, the longer the drying time and the drier your clothes will become.

Drying Cycle Options_Dryness Level.PNG

Dryness Level

Two lights are used to show some dryness levels. For example, to achieve the Damp Dry setting both the ‘Dry’ and the ‘Damp’ lights will be illuminated.

Airing/Cool Down (Cooling) 

When the dryer has sensed that the load is dry it will automatically go into an airing or cool down cycle. During ‘Cooling’ the drum tumbles and cool air is blown through the clothes. This cools the load to reduce creasing if the clothes are left in the dryer.

Drying Cycle Options_Cool Down Mode.PNG

Cool down mode

Dry Temp

There are four drying temperatures you can choose from:

  • High: Clothes temperatures up to 80°C.
  • Medium: Clothes temperatures up to 70°C.
  • Low: Clothes temperatures up to 45°C.
  • No heat: Cool air is blown through the dryer for the period selected. Touch the ‘Dry Temp’ button until the light next to your desired drying temperature is illuminated.

Drying Cycle Options_Dry Temp .PNG

Dry Temp

Wrinkle Free

If you wish to minimise wrinkling, select one of the ‘Wrinkle Free’ options. At the end of the cycle, the drum will rotate periodically and cool air will be circulated through the load to minimise wrinkling and creasing. This is particularly useful if you cannot remove the items immediately after the cycle ends.

There are two wrinkle free options:

  • ‘On’ provides ‘Wrinkle Free’ operation for 1 hour.
  • ‘Extra’ provides ‘Wrinkle Free’ operation for 24 hours.

If you wish to stop the dryer at any stage during the ‘Wrinkle Free’ stage of the cycle, simply touch Start_Pause Button.JPG. You can then open the dryer door and remove your items. Press ‘Power’ to stop the cycle and turn the dryer off.

Drying Cycle Options_Wrinkle Free Opt.PNG

Wrinkle Free


The ‘Signal’ option automatically defaults to ‘On’ for all cycles. This means a series of beeps will sound at the end of a cycle, to alert you that the dryer has finished. You can turn the ‘Signal’ off by touching the ‘Signal’ button until no lights are illuminated.

When you select a dryness level above damp/dry and wish your dryer to alert you to remove items once your load reaches the damp/dry stage, touch the ‘Signal’ button once to select ‘Damp Dry’. Ensure ‘On’ is also selected. When your load reaches the damp/dry stage, the dryer will beep to alert you to remove your items, then continue drying until the remaining load reaches the dryness level you selected.

Drying Cycle Options_Signal Opt.PNG


Indicator Lights

The lint filter light will flash when the machine is switched on as a reminder to clear the lint filter before each cycle.

Drying Cycle Options_Indicators.PNG




This option enables you to deactivate the buttons on the display panel, except for the ‘Power’ and Single_PadLock.JPG buttons. This option helps prevent accidental button presses.

To turn Keylock mode ON or OFF, at any time when the dryer is powered on:

  • Touch and hold the Single_PadLock.JPG  button for 2 seconds.

When activated, the light above the Single_PadLock.JPG button is illuminated.

If Keylock mode is activated and the dryer is powered off:

  • To turn your dryer on, press the ‘Power’ button, then touch and hold the Single_PadLock.JPG button for two seconds to turn Keylock off. Select your drying cycle, any options and then touch Start_Pause Button.JPG to start the cycle.


Delay Start

The ‘Delay Start’ option enables you to delay the start of the drying cycle from between 5 minutes and 12 hours. Times you can select are 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, then hourly up to 12 hours. This can be useful to time your drying to finish when you arrive home from work, or to start when power rates are lower.

To programme a ‘Delay Start’, simply touch the ‘More’ Plus_Higher Button.PNG button to increase the delay time and ‘Less’ Minus_Lower Button.PNG button to decrease the time or to turn ‘Delay Start’ off. Touch  Start_Pause Button.JPG to confirm your selection and start the countdown. Once the ‘Delay Start’ has been started, the time will count down on the digital display in one minute increments, the ‘Delay Start’ light will flash and the Start_Pause Button.JPG light will stop flashing and remain lit.

The ‘Delay Start’ option is not available on ‘Time Dry’ or ‘Rack Dry’.

We suggest that you avoid using ‘Delay Start’ for damp, non-colourfast items as this may cause dye run to occur.


Customising Dryer Cycles

After using your dryer a few times you may discover there are some drying options you prefer for some cycles.

You can programme your dryer to remember the drying options you prefer for each drying cycle. For instance, you may want to set the ‘Easy Iron’ cycle to a lower drying temperature or set the ‘Everyday’ cycle so it automatically has the ‘Wrinkle Free’ option selected.

To customise a cycle:

  1. Press ‘Power’ to turn the dryer on.
  2. Turn to select the cycle you wish to customise.
  3. Touch and hold any of the drying options buttons for 3 seconds. The lights will flash on and off and the display will show Set.PNG to indicate that the dryer is in cycle adjustment mode.
  4. Select the drying options you prefer by touching the relevant option button.
  5. Touch and hold Single_PadLock.JPG for 3 seconds to save the selected settings. The dryer will then beep to indicate your customised cycle has been saved.


Factory Reset

You can reset your dryer to the default settings it left the factory with:

  1. Select the ‘Freshen’ cycle.
  2. Touch and hold the ‘Delay Start’, ‘More’ Plus_Higher Button.PNG, the ‘Delay Start’, ‘Less’ Minus_Lower Button.PNG and ‘Signal’ buttons together for three seconds.
  3. Your dryer will now be reset to the default settings.



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