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Cleaning your dryer

When you have finished using your dryer

  • Unplug the dryer from the power socket.
  • Wipe around the door to remove any remaining condensation and/or foreign matter.
  • Clear the lint filter.

Cleaning your dryer

Before you start cleaning your dryer, ensure that it is disconnected from the power (ie unplug the dryer from the power socket).

Cleaning the control panel and outer surfaces of the dryer

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe all surfaces, then wipe dry. Avoid using chemical or scouring cleaners, as these will damage the paint and plastic surfaces of your dryer.

Cleaning the inside of your dryer

It is important that you occasionally clean the inside of your dryer. If the drum has any residual dirt or lint stuck to it, remove this and wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Do not leave any metal objects in the drum, as these may cause rust.

Cleaning the lint filter

  • Lint is generally formed during wearing and washing. Fibres (ie lint) released from the clothes during the drying cycle are collected in the lint filter.
  • It is important to clean the lint filter after every load, as the lint produced in the drying process can become a fire hazard if it is allowed to accumulate in or around your dryer.
  • The lint filter is located in the door opening (at the bottom).
  • There is a warning light that will flash at the beginning of every cycle to remind you to clean the filter. Lint becomes a fire hazard if left to build up, and will reduce the efficiency of your dryer.
Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 10.03.50 AM.png
Lint filter

To clean the filter:

  1. Open the dryer door.
  2. Remove the lint filter by pulling it up and out of the filter slot. Open it out and wipe the surface clean with your hand.
  3. Close the lint filter and place it back in the opening. Ensure the filter is fitted correctly back in place before operating the dryer.

If the lint filter becomes damaged, contact your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer to arrange for a replacement filter. Do not operate your dryer with a damaged lint filter or without the filter in place, as this will cause damage to your dryer. 

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