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Possible Cause What to Do
Cycle selection is not appropriate for the load Select the ‘Easy Iron’ or 'Steam Fresh' cycle to minimize creasing.
Dryer is overloaded
  • Remove some items from the dryer.
  • Separate large loads into smaller ones.
‘Dry Temp’ and/or ‘Dryness Level’ selected too hot/too long for load type Try selecting a lower ‘Dry Temp’ and ‘Dryness Level’.
‘Wrinkle Free’ (If Applicable) option not selected Select the ‘Wrinkle Free’ option to rotate the load at the end of the drying cycle. Refer to 'Drying Cycle Options' in your User Guide.
Wet items left sitting in the dryer for a long period before starting the cycle Try not to leave wet items sitting in the dryer for long periods.
  • Select a shorter drying time.
  • Remove items while they still hold a slight amount of moisture. Select a lower  dryness setting.
Spin speed too fast Select a slower spin speed.
Wash temperature too hot for load type (Washer/Dryer Models) Select a lower wash temperature.  Check items care label for correct care.
Items not sorted correctly (Washer/Dryer Models) Sort load so that items of similar weight are washed and dried together refer to 'Sorting & Loading'  for more information.
Letting items sit in dryer after cycle ends Remove items when cycle ends and fold or hang immediately, or use the ‘Wrinkle Free’, ‘Extra’ option.

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