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Before You Call For Service



User Warnings

Your dryer is capable of diagnosing a number of its own problems. It will sound a continuous series of beeps and display a user prompt when it has a problem that you can correct yourself. To stop the beeps sounding, touch any button on the control panel. Do not try to continue your drying cycle once you stop the noise. You must address the problem the dryer is alerting you to.

Check the below table before you call for service.

Notification What to do
KEYLOCK ON Touch and hold the Single_PadLock.JPG button for three seconds to deactivate the Keylock.
CLEAN FILTERS AND EVAPORATOR GRID Clean lint and condenser filters and carefully vacuum the evaporator grid.
Check the lint filter or condenser filter are not damaged.
Check there is nothing else stuck in the filters or evaporator grid, which may be blocking the air flow.
Check the filters are correctly in place in your dryer.
WATER TANK Check if the water tank is full.
Empty the water tank.
If using the drain hose, check whether the water tank or drain hose is blocked.
Check the drain hose is still attached at the back of the machine, and is not kinked or squashed.
DOOR OPEN Close the door fully and touch Start_Pause Button.JPG
Try opening and closing the door again.
Reposition the load, make sure the load is correctly in the drum and that protruding items are not preventing the door from closing.
THE LAUNDRY ENVIRONMENT IS TOO COLD FOR THE DRYER TO FUNCTION The room temperature is too low for the heat pump system to work effectively. Ensure that the room temperature is above 5 degrees to avoid loss of efficiency
MAXIMUM CYCLE TIME HAS BEEN REACHED There are a number of reasons the maximum cycle has been reached, refer to ‘Troubleshooting’, ‘Dryer is taking too long’ for possible causes and solutions.

Once you have addressed the issue the user prompt was alerting you to, try using your dryer as per usual. If the issue persists, call your Fisher & Paykel trained and supported service technician.





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