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Customising Dryer Settings



Editing Your ‘Settings’

The settings can be used to adjust user preferences for beeps (key tones and alarms), drum light, screen brightness, user prompts, reset defaults and cycle information. Customising Dryer Settings_Edit.PNG

To change a setting:

  • Touch Water Hardness.PNG on the display panel.
  • Go to ‘Settings’, and then touch Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG to edit.
  • Touch < or > to scroll through the list of settings, and touch Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG to select and edit.
  • Touch or > to select and to confirm.


Description Settings

Cycle Information

Displays details of the maximum load capacity, suitable fabric types and cycle tips for the selected cycle.

  • ON (default)
  • OFF


This setting is for turning on/off:

  • The sound when pressing the buttons.
  • The series of beeps that sound at the end of a cycle to alert you that the dryer has finished.
  • ON (default)
  • OFF

Drum Light

Allows you to turn on/off the drum light.

  • AUTO (default)
  • OFF

Screen Brightness

The brightness of the control panel screen can be adjusted to your preference.

  • LOW
  • MEDIUM (default)
  • HIGH

User Prompts

Your dryer will display prompts for actions you need to undertake, eg Reset defaults.

  • ON (default)
  • OFF


Reset Defaults

You can reset your dryer to the default settings it left the factory with:

  1. From any cycle, touch the Water Hardness.PNG button, select ‘Settings’ using the < buttons and the > to confirm.
  2. Scroll through the ‘Settings’ using the Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG buttons to locate ‘Reset Defaults’, confirm by touching the Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG button.
  3. Your dryer will now be reset to the default settings it left the factory with. 
Caution-Icon.png Selecting ‘Reset Default’ will reset all ‘Favourites’ and any saved settings back to its default settings.




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