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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Installation Instructions



Please read and follow the ‘Safety and warnings’ and ‘Installation instructions’ sections carefully before using your dryer!



Please check you received the following accessories with your Fisher & Paykel dryer. You will find them inside the drum:

  • 1 x Drying rack
  • 1 x Drain hose
  • 1 x Installation instructions and user guide



To ensure the best performance from your new dryer please follow the instructions below.

Removing the Packaging

  1. Remove the outer packaging (including the polystyrene packer and plastic wrapping). All packaging must be removed prior to use.
  2. Tilt the machine backwards and ‘walk’ it off the base one foot at a time. Not doing so may cause damage to your floor and dryer.
  3. Remove all packaging and accessories from inside the drum.
  • Ensure packaging materials are kept out of reach of children.
  • Please help protect the environment and dispose of the packaging from around the dryer in an environmentally friendly manner.



  • The dryer must be installed in a well-ventilated, dust-free environment.
  • The dryer must not be installed on any textured floor coverings (eg carpet, rugs) to ensure that openings at the base of the machine are not obstructed.
  • Do not install the dryer behind a lockable door, sliding door, or behind a door where the hinge is on the opposite side to that of the dryer in such a way that the full opening of the door is inhibited. Ensure the dryer door can always be opened fully.

Install Instruct_Location.PNG


Installation Options

Your dryer can be installed one of two ways, either freestanding, or stacked on top of a Fisher & Paykel front loading washer (specific models only).

  1. Free standing

The dryer stands on the floor and can easily be moved into position.

  1. Stacking

Your dryer has been designed to be able to be stacked on top of any Fisher & Paykel front loading washer. A stacking kit MUST BE USED between the products and fitted correctly to the washing machine and dryer, as per the stacking kit instructions.

  • Stacking Kit White: Part No. 428159. This Stacking kit is available from your Fisher & Paykel dealer, online or from a Fisher & Paykel service technician.
  1. Move the machine into the desired position. Do not lift the dryer by the top panel.
  2. Have a minimum clearance on all sides of at least 20mm.
  3. Install the machine on a stable and level floor (if not stacking on top of a front loading washer).
  • Do not install your dryer in such a way that the dryer door cannot be opened fully.
  • Do not install the dryer outside, in a damp place, where there is a risk of freezing, where it may be rained on, in direct sunlight or close to a source of heat.
  • Do not place your machine on top of its power cable.


Levelling the Machine

It is IMPORTANT to level the machine to ensure the machine runs efficiently with minimal noise. The dryer should be levelled in as close to its final position as possible so it stands balanced evenly on all four feet. Ensure the dryer does not rock in any direction.

The dryer comes with four adjustable feet. Wind all four feet up or down until the dryer is correctly level. A spirit level can assist with this process. The machine is considered level when the bubble sits in the centre (ie within the two lines or the circle), when the spirit level is placed flat on top of your dryer, in the directions from:

  1. left to right
  2. back to front, and
  3. corner to corner.

Install Instruct_Leveling the feet.PNG

Levelling the feet

Never unscrew the feet completely from their housings.

Note-Icon.png After levelling, the corners of the dryer cabinet should be clear of the floor and the machine must not rock in any direction.



The dryer is equipped with a condenser unit which accumulates water during the drying cycle. This water is collected in the removable water tank located at the top left of the dryer. The accumulated water must be emptied after each drying cycle. However you can also set up your dryer to drain automatically using the drain hose provided.


Install Instruct_Draining.PNG


Connecting the drain hose:

  1. Remove the black hose from the connection at the back of the dryer (A).
  2. Uncoil the drain hose (included with your dryer) and connect it to the black hose (B).
  3. Place the other end of the drain hose into a tub or standpipe.
Important-Icon.png If you connect the drain hose onto your dryer, the other end must be secured in a drain to prevent water draining onto the floor. Ensure the drain hose is securely fixed in place to an appropriate drain and is leak-free at the connection to the machine. Check the connection and drain hose regularly.
  • Maximum standpipe height is 1m from ground level.
  • Regularly check that your standpipe or tub is free from lint and other obstructions, which may affect drainage and cause flooding.
  • The drain hose should be checked from time to time and replaced if any damage, eg wear, cuts, bulges, kinks, leaks, etc are found. Do not bend the drain hose sharply, as this may cause it to split.
  • The extended length of the provided drain hose is 1.3m.
  • In multi-storey apartments or any upper floor, the machine should be installed on a floor equipped with a drain.
  • Draining must comply with local by-laws. 


Electrical Connection

  1. This appliance must be connected to a 220V – 240V, 50Hz, sinusoidal, 10A electrical supply.
  2. Uncoil the power cord, remove and discard the plastic pin cover and plug into a power socket.
  3. Connect the appliance to an earthed outlet protected by a fuse of suitable capacity.
  • Check the power cord for damage and make sure it is not squashed or twisted when installing the dryer.
  • Always remove the power cord from the power socket by the plug, not by the cord.
  • Do not touch or operate the machine with wet hands or with bare-feet.
  • A damaged power cord must be replaced by a Fisher & Paykel trained and supported service technician, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. The appliance must not be operated until it is repaired, as there is risk of electric shock.
  • Do not operate this machine if it has been damaged during transport. Contact your Fisher & Paykel dealer or Fisher & Paykel trained and supported service technician.
Caution-Icon.png The appliance must not be supplied through an external switching device, such as a timer, or connected to a circuit that is regularly switched on and off by a utility.


Completing the Installation

Installation Test cycle

Important-Icon.png Ensure the installation test cycle is completed before you dry any items in your dryer.
This is to check that your dryer is installed correctly and that it is functioning properly prior to use.
  1. Turn your dryer on by pressing the ‘POWER’ button.
  2. Select the ‘Time Dry’ cycle for 30 minutes. Ensure the drum is empty and the door is closed (you will hear it click shut).
  3. Touch the Start_Pause Button.JPGbutton. The drum will start rotating.
  • Observe the machine for any problems.
  • The dryer will beep and display any faults on the screen if there are any problems.
  • Refer to ‘User Prompts’ and ‘User warnings’.
  1. At the completion of the cycle, open the door and check that there is warmth inside the dryer. This indicates the dryer is operating normally.
Important-Icon.png If there are any problems, you must address these before proceeding with normal use.  The dryer will automatically turn off at the end of the cycle if there are no problems.


Before you start, it is a good idea to go through the following checklist:

  1. Has the packaging been removed?
  2. Is the machine correctly levelled, and the cabinet corners clear of the floor and walls?
  3. Are the water tank, condenser filter and lint filter correctly in place?
  4. Has the power cord been connected to an appropriate power supply and the power turned on?
  5. Have you performed the installation test cycle?
  6. If external draining is preferred, is the drain hose attached to the correct outlet and hooked into a standpipe or tub? 


Machine Specifications

Capacity (kg)* 8
Dimensions (mm)  
Width 595
Depth 665
Height** 850
Length of drain hose 1300
Volts 220 – 240
HZ 50
Amps (maximum) 10
Power consumption (W) 550

* Capacity refers to the maximum dry weight of items the machine can dry at any one time.


Some cycles have a lower maximum capacity (see the ‘Drying cycles’ section).

** The exact height of your dryer is dependent on how far the feet are extended from the base of the machine.


Machine Specifications

Capacity (kg)* 9
Dimensions (mm)  
Width 595
Depth 665
Height** 850
Length of drain hose 1300
Volts 220 – 240
HZ 50
Amps (maximum) 10
Power consumption (W) 550

* Capacity refers to the maximum dry weight of items the machine can dry at any one time.


Some cycles have a lower maximum capacity (see the ‘Drying cycles’ section).

 ** The exact height of your dryer is dependent on how far the feet are extended from the base of the machine.




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