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Getting started quickly

  • Check the lint filter is clean and the water tank is empty before every load. Ensure both are replaced correctly before using your dryer.
  • Sort and load items into the dryer drum, ensuring no items are in the way of the door. Close the door (you will hear it click shut).
  1. Press i.png to activate your dryer
  2. Your dryer will default to the ‘Everyday’ cycle. Select your desired drying cycle by turning the SmartTouch™ Control Dial.
  3. Select your preferred drying options, using the SmartTouchTM buttons on the right hand side of the panel (if you wish to select options different from the default options for the cycle).
  4. Touch the start.png button to start the cycle.

dryer control panel-fixed.jpg

  • If you make an invalid selection the dryer will beep to alert you.

  • When the cycle finishes, your dryer will beep and then turn off automatically. If the ‘Wrinkle Free’ option has been selected the machine will rotate the drum periodically blowing cool air into the drum to help minimise wrinkling and creasing of your load.

  • If you wish to stop your dryer at any point during a cycle simply touch start.png to pause the cycle, then open the door.

  • If you wish to cancel a cycle or select a different option once a drying cycle has started, touch the start.png button then select the new cycle or option. Touch start.png to restart the dryer with the new cycle and/or settings.

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