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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Interior and exterior features

Includes information on your wine cabinet's features such as shelving, activated carbon filters, and door locks.

Interior features

The oak shelves have been designed to allow for even air distribution around your wine bottles. Easy accessibility is possible with telescopic runners.

  • This model has three roller shelves and two fixed shelves.

Activated carbon filters
Air quality is critical for preserving wine, the activated carbon filters helps to remove stale, unwanted odours and replenishes with fresh air.

  • The filters are fitted to the rear wall on the right-hand side of the upper and bottom zone.
  • We recommend that you replace your activated carbon filters once every five years. Replacement filters are available from your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer.
  1. To remove the filter hold by the handle, and turn counter-clockwise until fully loosened. Pull towards you to remove.
  2. To replace the filter hold by the handle, insert and turn clockwise to fully secure.

Exterior features

Door lock
The Wine Cabinet is equipped with a door lock located at the bottom of the cabinet door.

  1. To lock the cabinet, insert the key and turn 90° counter-clockwise.

  2. To unlock the cabinet, insert the key and turn 90° clockwise

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