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Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel Wine Cabinet to store your treasured wine, you’ve made a great choice.

Having purchased our dual-zone cabinet you can rest assured that your red and white wines are well cared for, over short term and long term periods.

Wine generally matures at a steady temperature between 11°C to 13°C, and for ready to drink wines they are best served at their ideal drinking temperatures (see ‘Storing your wine’ section). Temperature control is critical for the maturation of wines, as significant daily or weekly temperature fluctuations can denature wines. If storage temperatures are excessively high this can reduce the wines aromatic potential and can speed up maturation. This can cause some wines to take on a ‘spoiled fruit’ flavouring. If storage temperatures are excessively low, this can have the opposite effect and stunt a wines natural maturation process. This can prevent a wines flavours from developing to their full potential.

Optimum humidity levels are also important for the storage of cork enclosed wines, especially for long term storage. Dry surroundings can lead to dried out corks encouraging wine evaporation, as well as oxygen permeation leading to oxidized and/or spoiled wine. As for extremely humid conditions, there is a potential of damaging wine labels and the growth of mold on bottles.

Light is known to be damaging to wines, particularly UV light as it creates hydrogen sulfide compounds in wine affecting the tannins and the colour of wine. Therefore our Wine Cabinets are designed to eliminate this threat by incorporating a UV-tempered glass door, dark interiors and dimmed LED lighting.

Other golden rules of excellent wine storage that your Wine Cabinet offers is frequent air circulation, as well as increased air circulation when large amounts of wine bottles are added (Air-Cool function). Condensation eliminator (De-mist function*) and minimal vibrations with the low noise compressor.


*For RF306RDWX1 and RF356RDWX1 models.


RF106RDWX1 model


RF206RDWX1 model


RF306RDWX1 model


RF356RDWX1 model

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