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Special features

Introduces such special features as fruitt and vegetable bin humidity slide, door alarms, and fault alarms.

Fruit and vegetable bins

The fruit and vegetable bin provides a humid environment for your produce ensuring moisture and nutrients are retained, and your fruit and vegetables are kept fresherfor longer.

To remove the bin, pull it out until it stops, then lift and continue to slide the bin until it is fully extended.

Fruit and vegetable bin humidity slide

The bin has a humidity control slide that can be adjusted to the fruit or vegetable setting depending on what is being stored in the bins.


Humidity Control graphic

  • If you are storing fruit, set the humidity slide to the fruit setting (left side).
  • If you are storing vegetables, set the humidity slide to the vegetable setting (right side).
  • If you are storing a mixture of fruit and vegetables, position the humidity slide in the centre.

Door alarms

If the refrigerator or freezer door is left open the alarm will beep at regular intervals to remind you to close the door.

Fault alarms

In the unlikely event of a fault, a fault code will be displayed on the control panel. Please take note of the fault code and contact our Customer Care Centre. Contact details are in the back of this book.

Water dispenser (Ice & Water models only)

The water dispenser is located on the front of the freezer door. When pressing the dispenser pad, the selection chosen on the control panel will dispense (water, cubed ice or crushed ice).

Drip tray (Ice & Water models only)

The tray at the bottom of the dispenser is designed to collect small spills. It has been designed to be removed for cleaning purposes. It does not drain; to empty remove the drip tray and wipe up overflow.

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