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Using your ice maker (Ice & Water models only)

2017-06-28_1054.png Ice On/Off

Your ice maker is designed to automatically dispense ice until it senses that the bin is full. So the more ice you use, the more it makes. It is even clever enough to sense when there is no bin in place to catch the ice and it will not dispense any ice.


First use

  • When you first turn your refrigerator on after installation, the ice maker will be off. The light above the ICE ON/OFF icon will be off.
  • To turn your ice maker on press the 2017-06-28_1102.png button. The light above the ICE ON/OFF icon will be illuminated when the ice maker is on.
  • Press and hold 2017-06-28_1103.png , 2017-06-28_1104.png and 2017-06-28_1104.png together for 4 seconds then close the door(s). The ice tray will flip. Force another cycle. The ice tray will flip and spill the water into the ice bin. Empty water and replace bin.


Fig. 23 Turning ice maker on


The ice tray will flip only once doors are closed.

  • If the bin is full of ice, inserted incorrectly or if all bins are removed, the ice maker will not operate. When the bin is inserted correctly the scoop will be on the right hand side of the bin for models E402B, E442B, E522B, RF522W and RF522A and at the front of the bin for models RF610A and RF540A (refer to Fig.24). 


E402B, E442B, E522B RF522A and RF522W

  • Once your ice maker is in operation, discard the first 3 harvests of ice (8 ice cubes are produced per harvest). This will flush away any impurities in the water line and ensure that you get the best quality ice. We recommend that you also do this after vacations or extended periods of not using ice.
  • We recommend that you turn the ice maker off if:
    – The water supply is to be off for several hours, or
    – The ice storage bin is to be removed for a period of time, or
    – You are going on holiday/vacation.



Fig. 24 Ice storage bin and scoop in correct position

Information about your ice maker

  • Your automatic ice maker will produce approximately eight cubes of ice every 3 – 4 hours, depending on the freezer compartment temperature and the number of door openings.
  • When the ICE BOOST function is activated, ice production will increase up to 30% from standard ice making.
  • The ice cube tray will fill with water.
  • When cubes are frozen, they will be ejected from the ice tray into the ice storage bin.
  • Ice making will continue until the storage bin is full.
  • Ice making will resume once you start to use the stored ice.
  • Your Ice & Water product comes with a smaller ice bin inside the larger freezer bin. Attached to the ice storage bin is the hygienic scoop for the ice. This scoop provides hygienic access to the ice.
  • If a large amount of ice is required, remove an ice storage bin and allow ice to fall into the larger bin.
  • For maximum ice storage, level the stored cubes with the ice scoop.
  • If ice is not used often, old cubes will become cloudy, taste stale, will shrink and may stick together. Empty the ice storage bin periodically and wash in lukewarm water. Dry thoroughly and place back into the correct position.

2017-06-28_1114.png Ice boost function

This function is designed to be used for times when you require more ice eg when you are having a party. The ICE BOOST function will increase ice production up to 30% from standard ice making and deactivate automatically after 24 hours.

  • When you first turn your ice maker on, the ICE BOOST function will be off.
  • To turn this function on, press the 2017-06-28_1117.png button. The light above the 2017-06-28_1117.png button will be illuminated when the ICE BOOST function is on.
  • The ICE BOOST function is paused once your ice bin is full.
  • To manually deactivate this feature press the 2017-06-28_1117.png button again. The light above the 2017-06-28_1117.png button will be off when the ICE BOOST function is off.
  • Activating the ICE BOOST function will automatically turn ice making on.
  • Deactivating ice making will automatically deactivate the ICE BOOST function.
  • Avoid contact with the moving parts of the ice maker ejector mechanism, and do not place your fingers on the automatic ice making mechanism while the refrigerator is in operation.
  • Do not use ice cubes that may have become discoloured, usually with a green-blue colour. If such discolouration is noted, discard the ice cubes and contact your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer.
  • Ensure the ice maker is connected to the filter and to a drinkable water supply only.
  • Installation of the water connection to the ice maker must be completed by a qualified service technician or a qualified plumber (see installation instructions).

For manual ice making please refer to 'ActiveSmart™ special features (all models)'. 

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