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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Water filter (Ice & Water models only)

All the water to your refrigerator is filtered to remove impurities through a filter cartridge located in a position of your choice outside the refrigerator. This will need changing approximately every 6 months.

  • There is a replacement indicator icon 2017-06-28_1024.png on the internal control panel and external display which will appear when the filter needs replacing. It will flash, as a reminder, when water is dispensed.
  • Replacement filter cartridges are available through Customer Care or online at (this service is available to selected markets only). The details of the replacement filter cartridge are on the label of the cartridge. Alternatively filter cartridges can be purchased from your Fisher & Paykel Authorised Repairer.

Changing the water filter cartridge

It is not necessary to turn off the water supply before attempting to change the water filter cartridge.

  1. Grasp and firmly twist the cartridge in an anticlockwise direction (to the left when installed in the recommended orientation) as shown in Diagram 1.
  2. Pull the cartridge away from the filter head (down when installed in the recommended orientation) as shown in Diagram 1 of Fig 22 below.
    – It is not unusual for a few drops of water to be present when the filter is removed.
  3. Discard the old filter
  4. Filter installation:
    – Remove protective cap on spigot on head.
    – Push the cartridge up towards filter head while rotating it in a clockwise direction (to the right when installed in the recommended orientation) as shown in Diagram 3.
  5. Reset filter indicator icon on the display (this will remind you when the filter is due to be replaced again). Refer to page 30.
  6. To flush the water filter of any trapped air, harmless carbon fines and to also check for leaks, disconnect the tubing from the back of the refrigerator, aim the end of the tubing into a bucket, turn isolating tap on and run at least 10 litres (10 qt) of water through. Once complete turn isolating tap off. Reconnect the tubing.
  7. A few drips may appear out of the dispenser over the next few days as the remaining trapped air is cleared.


Fig. 22 Changing the water filter cartridge

To reset the filter indicator


We recommend the water filter to be used from the time of installation. Do not reset indicator before filter is changed or filter monitoring will be inaccurate.

  • Press and hold 2017-06-28_1032.png and 2017-06-28_1033.png for 4 seconds to reset the internal and external filter indicators.
  • The 2017-06-28_1034.png icon on the internal and external displays will turn off when reset. 

To disable the filter indicator


If disabled, you will not be reminded to next change your filter.

  • When no filter is fitted, you can disable the filter indicator.
  • Press and hold 2017-06-28_1036.png 2017-06-28_1037.png and 2017-06-28_1038.png for 4 seconds to turn this feature off.
  • We recommend that you do not disable the filter indicator if you have a filter fitted to the connection. 
  • To avoid serious illness or death, do not use the water filter where water is unsafe or of unknown quality.
  • The water filter cartridge needs to be changed when the filter indicator icon flashes on the interface panel.
  • We recommend the water filter cartridge is replaced when the internal and external 2017-06-28_1051.png icons illuminate. This will happen every 6 months.
  • If the water filtration system has been allowed to freeze, replace filter cartridge.
  • The rate of water flow through the water dispenser can slow down as the filter cartridge accumulates any sediment which may be present in the water supplied to your home. This varies depending upon your local water quality, which may require your filter cartridge to be changed more frequently.
  • In cases of excessively reduced filter life we recommend that you consult a local plumber or your water supplier for advice on suitable filtration requirements for the water supplied to your home.
  • Filter replacement is the consumer’s responsibility and will not be covered by the warranty except in the case of faulty parts or materials within the filter cartridge.
  • If the water has not been dispensed for some time or water has an unpleasant taste or odour, flush system by dispensing 3 litres (3 qt) of water.
  • If unpleasant taste or odour persists, you may wish to fit a new filter cartridge.