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Trim Installation

The bottom trim is designed to cover the front edge of the floor base panel of the refrigerator. This trim can be installed on a raised toe kick (Diagram 1a) or toe kick below the refrigerator (Diagram 1b)

Remembering that if this trim is to be used with the refrigerator at floor level the cavity dimensions will need to have 16mm added to its height to allow for the bottom trim to be fitted. Note this trim is optional on this type of installation. If used with a raised toe kick the 16mm packer should be part of the base (Diagram 5). Therefore 16mm is not required to be added to the height dimension.

  1. If used place the 16mm piece of plywood or with bottom trim fitted into the cavity (Diagram 5 or 6). Note: the piece should be the same size as the base of the cavity.
  2. Remove protective coating film from surround trim.
  3. To install the surrounds, first clip in the top surround. Ensure the locator strips at the rear of the top brackets clip into the rear of the top trim.
  4. Clip both side trims into place starting from the front refrigerator edge.

16mm plywood or MDF board insert

Diagram 5

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